Cleaning Your Home Without Harsh Chemicals

Not a lot of us enjoy cleaning – but we like to view the outcomes: a brand new, clean-smelling house filled with glistening surfaces free from clutter and dirt.

Below are a few tried-and-tested approaches to help save you trouble and time and get the fantastic results you’re searching for. On top of that, we have utilized natural products and regular substances you will readily find in your kitchen cabinet. Have a look at our best tips to make cleanup easy and fast!


Just take a huge container. Cover it with foil foil. Leave your silver things soak in this mixture for around 30 minutes, then wash them and wipe dry using a soft fabric, all of the dark spots will disappear.


This one could not be easier just blend vodka and water alongside some ratio of 1:3. The soul will disinfect and ruin the majority of the germs.

3. The way to make your microwave clean and fresh .

Slice a few lemons in 2 and set them in a glass of water. Set the glass in the microwaveheat it till the water boils, and leave it just like this for a moment. The dirt around the interior of the oven will probably have become quite easy to wash off with a fabrics.

4. Eliminating dirt stains

Receive a stick of white chalk and scribble within the dirt stains. When the marks are on a wall, then leave for a couple of minutes, then simply wipe with a moist cloth. If the dirt is about clothing, leave for an hour prior to wiping off the chalky residue. In any event, the marks will be eliminated.

5. Drying your sneakers

If your shoes have been soaked through, fill them with webpages of crumpled up paper. This may soak up the moisture and permit the shoes to dry without even becoming out of shape, in addition to being prepared to wear much more quickly.

6. Eliminating animal fur/hair

Put in your washing gloves up and then run your hands under the faucet. Now rub them on the surfaces that have hair stuck . Each of the fur and hair will attach to the gloves.

To be able to eliminate fur or hair out of a carpet, you could even attempt a squeegee that is normally utilized in window cleaning.


Pour a little water to the pan – only enough to pay the foundation. The burnt-on food will food will probably emerge readily.

8. Clearing residue from your pot

So easy you will wonder why you waited so long. When you pour the water out, the interior of the kettle will be as shiny as it had been when it was fresh.


Unhappy with grotty blockages on your showerhead? (You may need more than you to allow it to be stable ). Leave it for one houror overnight – and in the daytime you will have a tidy and clog-free showerhead.

10. Strategies for polished countertops

Grapefruit and lemons create kitchen surfaces glow. Sprinkle salt on one of those veggies, then use them to wash down the sink, to get a very sparkling citrussy glow!


Warm up two glasses of vinegar into your microwave, then pour them in a bowl then submerge the dishes from the liquid, making certain they’re totally covered.


Fill the jar with warm – not boiling – water. Shake the jar along with the rice will rub against the sides of it eliminating the dirt. Await the residue to split apart, then do a little more vibration. After all of the dirt is off, then wash carefully in warm water.

13. Handling dust

Anti-static fabrics are not only for electric gear: you can rely on these to efficiently wipe any outside: skirting boards, the TV screen or the display of a computer, book shelves and much more.

Set a clean sock on your hand.

15. Deal with plug in hole issues

To handle blockages, then pour half a cup of pop and half a cup of vinegar down the plughole, one following another. Now pay the plughole and abandon it for a quarter or an hour. Then pour some hot water down.


Wipe over the blot with a mix comprising one part vinegar and 2 parts water. Cover the entire mark using a moist cloth, then run a hot iron on it for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure if the stain is stubborn and does not come out in your first effort.

17. Lick limescale

To eliminate limescale around your taps, then wipe them with a bit of lemonjuice.

18. Cleaning java grinders/spice mills

Drain the grinder or mill put some some rice inside and add a tbsp of backing soda. Gently grind the mix through.


Wipe marks plastic containers Tupperware with lemon juice. On top of that this only remedy will eliminate lingering food aromas as well as spots.

20. Eliminating pet odours

Mix soda and hydrogen peroxide into equal portions to a bowl. Now dip a sponge from the mix and then wash the affected region with it.

21. Oven cleaning

Open the oven and pour a little bit of soul of hartshorn (an aqueous solution of ammonia) in a open container and then leave it immediately in a cold oven. Ventilate the area completely next morning, wear rubber gloves and wash off the oven. You might discover that the dirt will come off easily, and the odor will disappear quite fast.

Notice: keep the windows open as you’re doing so, and use rubber gloves during the procedure to guard your hands.

How to Clean Up Spilled Rice and Rice Pudding Stains on Your Carpet

Removing Rice Pudding Stains on the Carpet

Rice pudding is a tasty treat that lots of people really like to enjoy. It’s a pudding that’s made out of milk, rice, and many other tasty ingredients. It’s creamy and full of flavor that’s the reason why tons of people want to eat it on a regular basis.

Rice pudding though may be a supply of cleaning problems if you accidentally spill it on your carpeting. Spilling your rice pudding accidentally will be a real hassle as it will leave your carpet soiled and destroyed. No one wants to have to clean up this type of mess on their carpeting as it can be quite troublesome and problematic.

Luckily dealing with this kind of problem isn’t something that you cannot do on your own as long as you understand the right thing to do. Try to follow the advice below to find out how you can easily clean up the rice pudding stains in your carpet at home.

• Scoop up the spilled rice pudding using a clean spoon or dull knife. It is important to perform right away since you want to clean the mess up as soon as possible. Continue scooping the drip until you’ve eliminated as much of the rice pudding as possible out of your carpet.

• Take a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent and include it to 3 cups of warm water. This will make a cleaning solution which is going to be helpful in creating the pudding blot disappear. It’s actually simple to create and it is also cheap so this is certainly going to be a very helpful step.

• Pour some of this cleaning solution you have made on the rice pudding stain. After doing this, allow 3-5 minutes to let the cleaning solution work on the blot. Then, use a clean white cloth to gradually blot the affected section of the carpeting.

• You may have to repeat the previous step until you’re in a position to completely eliminate the stain on your carpet at home. It’s not always easy so you have to put some elbow grease on it so that you could gradually lift the stain from the carpet fibers. After a while, you’ll notice that the stain is gone and your carpet is finally stain-free.

• After removing the stain on your carpet at home the last step is to eliminate the residue which may get left behind. To do this, get a cup of clean water and then pour it on the region you completed cleaning.
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How to Clean Up Spilled Rice on Your Carpet

If you love Asian or Indian food, then you are probably eat your share of rice. This is because these kinds of cuisine involve rice in a lot of their dishes. Rice can be a delicious component making the Asian or Indian dish complete and even more delectable.

But rice can be an issue at times when it comes to home cleaning. Rice can accidentally get dropped on your carpet and can cause your carpet fibers to stick together. This can ruin your carpet’s appearance and is something that you don’t want to happen in your home.

A lot of homeowners are having issues with spilled rice on the carpet yet not all of them know how to handle this problem properly. If you are one of these people who are frustrated with having spilled rice ruin your carpet then you should check out the guide below to help you out.

• It is important to clean up the spilled rice as soon as possible. This is in order to prevent it from setting or getting stepped on which can make the mess even more difficult to clean up. As soon as you discover the spilled rice, it is imperative that you try to fix the mess right away.

• The first thing that you should look to do is to remove the spilled rice before it causes an even more troublesome mess. Use a dull knife to carefully extract it and remove it from the carpet fibers. You may not be able to remove all of it entirely but just try to get out as much it as you can.

• Next, if the spilled rice causes a stain then you have to deal with it next. Spilling plain rice won’t leave a very noticeable mark but for other recipes wherein rice is used together with certain sauces then you may have to work a little harder to get rid of the resulting stain. You will need to make a cleaning solution by following the succeeding step.

• Mix a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent and combine it with a cup of warm water. Then, place the resulting solution in an empty spray bottle. Apply it onto the stained area and then gradually blot the stain. Continue doing this until you are able to remove all of it completely.

• Flush out any residue that could get left behind by using a cup of water to rinse the area you cleaned. Then, dry it completely by using clean rags or towels.
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